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Weight Loss Programs

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Power Tools for Weight Loss Success: Workout Plans

Let FitClick help you find a workout plan that fits your health and fitness goals. Read more

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Your Body at 25, 35, 45

In the battle to stay fit as we age, it's athletics versus genetics. Read more

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A Fit Flight

Especially if it involves a lengthy flight, traveling takes a toll on the body. Read more

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Amino Acid Analysis

Before you sip that protein-powered shake, consider if you really need it. Read more

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Five Forbidden Foods

Experts give tips on how to enjoy "bad" foods responsibly. Read more

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Angry Mind, Unhealthy Body

How to identify what's happening inside your body when you're angry. Read more

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Antibiotic Overload

Forms of bacteria have mutated and become resistant to known antibiotics. Read more

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Back in Action?

With an aching back, working out can either hinder you or help you. Read more

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Beauty and the Beaten

Soaking secrets from spa directors around the country for your own tub. Read more

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Best Feet Forward

75 percent of us will experience foot problems at some time in our lives. Read more

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