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Must-Know Weight Loss Tips, Lesson Five

posted by The FitClick Team
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#1 Pump Up the Volume

Kick your workout into high gear to the beat of your favorite tunes. Studies show that listening to music at a reasonably high volume will often boost performance levels. Music, psychologically, can serve as a motivator to work harder or as a distraction from feelings of fatigue. With your iPod pumping in your ears, you may be more likely to push past the voice in your head telling you to quit. Before you hit the treadmill or gym, create a playlist full of songs with a faster beat. With the right tunes, you’ll feel the time go by more easily and more quickly.

#2 Sleep Well

When trying to lose weight, make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays an important role when trying to stick to a diet and exercise schedule. The body requires a solid seven to eight hours of sleep each night to rest itself, both physically and mentally. Studies suggest that sleep may also be connected to the hormones that control your appetite. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, those hormone levels are affected, stimulating your appetite so that you want more food, and causing you to feel less satisfied after you eat. So, set yourself up for weight loss success with sufficient shut-eye.