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Getting there

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Trying to stay Motivated

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7:58 AM filed under Workout postings
So I'm on deployment at NSA Bahrain.  My fiance is coming out to see me in just 6 short weeks.  I really want to be in the best possible shape by the time he gets here.  I'm spending extra time in the gym and have started adding some strength training to help add a little more muscle tone.  It's still just so frustrating.  It seems like all I'm doing is telling myself no.  No ice cream, no cake, no wine.  Trying to remember the end goal can be so tough sometimes.

My workdays are just so much blah.  It seems like it's all I can do to keep the boredom from pressing in on me while I go from simple minded task to simple minded task.  The whole thing is very frustrating.

I'm hoping I get used to working out soon.  Right now I just feel tired and achy all of the time.  I've got to stick with it though.  I want to look good when he comes out here and even better when I put on my wedding dress .