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Can't Believe It

Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 2:04 PM filed under Diet postings

So I just signed back up for GymAmerica.  I was using MyFitnessPal but the lack of diet structure and no exercise plan made it hard to stick to it.  Then I moved and took a new job.  I'm working more hours and I'm spending 2+ hours in traffic everyday.  My morning starts at 0530 just to get to work on time and I don't get home until after 1800 most days. 

I signed up for 24 hour fitness because I like the idea of having so many locations that I can go to in this area.  Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with this lofty goal.  I have to stop using my working hours as an excuse because my working hours aren't going anywhere.

In 2010 I weighed less than 150lbs.  Today I stepped on the scale and I weigh more than 165.  15lbs in two years.  It's hard to remember that it doesn't happen overnight but it is hard to see it on paper.  Logging back in and seeing that old information just shows me how well this program was working and how little the other programs were.  Bottom line I just became a lifetime member.  Sorry MFP.

I am so hoping this that I can get back on track.