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GymAmerica Glycemic Index Diet

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Created By:
GymAmerica on Mar 29, 2012
Diet Category:
Balanced, Vegetarian
Diet Plan Length:
Meals Per Day:
3 meals, 4 meals, 5 meals, 6 meals
Target Gender:
Women and men
Weight Goal:
Lose weight, Maintain weight
Cooking Difficulty:
Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo, Lacto-Vegetarian, Ovo-Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, No Red Meat, No Pork, No Chicken/Turkey, No Fish/Seafood, No Eggs, No Dairy/Lactose
For those looking to lose weight at an accelerated pace, our three-phase low glycemic index diet is a good choice. A diet with lots of low glycemic index carbs and protein, it emphasizes eating the right carbs and right fats in lieu of avoiding them.
Diet Rules:
Phase 1 - All sugars, processed carbohydrates, fruits, and higher-glycemic vegetables are eliminated. The goal is to achieve significant weight loss. This phase should last 2 weeks.

Phase 2 - Most fruits, vegetables, and some whole grains are reintroduced, and weight loss continues at a slower rate. You should stay on this phase until you meet your weight loss goal.

Phase 3 - The maintenance phase. There are no longer food restrictions.
Diet Options:
You can customize your plan with the following vegetarian / dietary restrictions:
•  Vegan
•  Lacto-Vegetarian
•  Ovo-Vegetarian
•  Vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo)
•  Exclude Red Meat
•  Exclude Pork
•  Exclude Chicken/Turkey
•  Exclude Fish/Seafood
•  Exclude Eggs
•  Exclude Dairy

* The plan recommends that you eat 6 meals per day, but you have the option of selecting 3-6 meals per day.

Sample Week of Meals