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Dumbbell High-Low Farmers Walk

Posted by GymAmerica
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 5:39pm filed under Thighs

Calories Burned:  408 calories per hour   (based on a body weight of 150 lbs.)
Primary Muscles Trained:  Gluteus Maximus
Secondary Muscles Trained:  Deltoids
Start: Grab two dumbbells, a heavy one in your right hand and a light one in your left. (The heavy dumbbell should be about twice the weight of the light one.) Press the light dumbbell over your head, with your arm straight and your biceps in line with your ear. Let the heavy dumbbell hang at arms length next to your side.

Movement: With your core braced and glutes right, walk forward and then backward, and then every which way. Once you have worked for half of your allotted time, switch sides.

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