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Hip Adduction Machine

Posted by GymAmerica
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 5:39pm filed under Thighs

Calories Burned:  323 calories per hour   (based on a body weight of 150 lbs.)
Primary Muscles Trained:  Thighs
Secondary Muscles Trained:  Inner Quadriceps
Sit down with your back resting against the back rest.

Set the weight  you would like.

Place your feet in the stirrups and press your legs against the pads by your knees.

Pull the handle and let your legs go out only as far as is comfortable.  The muscles in your inner thigh should slightly stretch.

Press your legs back together slowly and release them again slowly for as many times as is required.

When you are done, pull the handle again to allow the the pads to come back together.

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