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TRX Pushup and Superman

Posted by GymAmerica
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 5:39pm filed under Chest

Calories Burned:  408 calories per hour   (based on a body weight of 150 lbs.)
Primary Muscles Trained:  Pectorals
Secondary Muscles Trained:  Triceps
Start position: Face away from anchor point with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold handles in front of chest with arms extended. Keep hands high enough so TRX does not touch arms or shoulders.

Tip: Adjust intensity of movement by changing body angle during exercise, stepping deeper or more shallow.

Movement description: Lower chest to handles in a push-up. Maintain body alignment. Press arms back to start position. Perform two sets of 45 sec, super-setting with TRX Triceps Extension.
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