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Pec Deck Flyes

Posted by GymAmerica
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 5:39pm filed under Chest

Calories Burned:  374 calories per hour   (based on a body weight of 150 lbs.)
Primary Muscles Trained:  Pectorals
Secondary Muscles Trained:  Anterior Deltoids
Position the seat height so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor when your forearms are on the arm pads; grip the handles with your hands or, if no handles are available, rest your hands over the top of the pads.
Avoid over-stretching the chest muscles at the beginning of the movement by utilizing the foot pedal to pull the handles out farther (if available).
Squeeze the pads together until they meet directly in front of the center of your chest making sure to keep your back against the pad.
Reverse the movement and return to the starting position.
The entire motion should be performed in a smooth, controlled manner that lasts about 3 seconds, with the inward movement no faster than the outward.

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